Asking for a gift is always touchy, but it sounds like you're not really interested in advice about asking for a gift. You're looking for the best way to manipulate someone into spending money on you. That's rather different.

We, women, are very detailed. What are the important days? For example, Valentine's Day, New Year's Day, Christmas Day, and so on. What do you want to see? But again. Men usually do not know. What do we want? We will tell you that blatantly! We want this one! I will look hard at the hardcore, right? Let's see how good your boyfriend is. What do you want?


3 Ways To Ask Your Boyfriend To Buy You a Gift

Sit Down & Read a Book With Him

Spending quality time together with your boyfriend is an essential part of keeping a relationship happy and connected. Reading together is proven to strengthen a relationship and seems like an obvious fit for warm weather and talking about what gift you would like.

Reading a book together with your boyfriend


Receiving a Marvelous Gift From a Friend

Did you ever have the experience of receiving a marvelous gift from a close friend? A gift that made you talk about it and your friend - with your boyfriend for many days. Well, believe it or not, if your boyfriend really cares for you he will find a better gift than your friend just to be the center of the discussion once again :-) Just don't use this trick to manipulate people though

Receiving a gift from a friend


Sharing The Gift You Want On Facebook

Nowadays with social media taking over our daily life, this could be the "easiest" way for you to get your most-wanted gift. Just go to the Facebook page you found it (don't forget checking BLING BIJOUX Jewelry Facebook page for wonderful jewelry gifts)and share the item with him in Facebook Messenger.


Now if this doesn't work...you can make your gift "request" more demanding by sharing this item on his Facebook wall and tagging him saying something like..."Baby, you promised to buy this for me and I'm still waiting...You have 48 hours. XXX"


This will make your boyfriend feeling publicly obligated to buy you that gift because his peers will begin asking him if he bought you that item...

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Share With Us Your Most Wanted Gift

With holidays closing by, who knows...you might receive this jewelry gift you so much desire - without even asking your boyfriend ;-)


I hope these 3 ways to get a gift from your boyfriend come handy to you. Don't forget that sweetness is what men like...so tell him before what is that you want. Do not forget to remind him of important things. And don't forget to reciprocate and buy him some gifts too...Best of luck.


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