With fall quickly approaching, it's time to put away our favorite frocks and pull out our best denim. However, it's easy to get overwhelmed by all the many choices, there are skinny jeans, there's wide leg, and flared, boyfriend and bootcut. Here's your definitive guide to every denim style to try right now.

It’s unusual for 4 styles of jean to be offered in 4 different colors, don’t you think? But on reading the reviews, you can see why this button front jean is a winner. I do like a button front fastening jeans.


4 Styles Of Jeans To Be Offered In 4 Different Colors

The Classic Skinny Jeans

Slim cut jeans, tapered through the leg

Classic Skinny Jeans

The Wide Leg Jeans

A generous cut leg o the ankle

Wide Leg Jeans

The Straight Leg Jeans

A relaxed cut jean from the knee to the ankle

Straight Leg Jeans

The Fit & Flare Jeans

A generous cut leg o the ankle

Fit & Flare Jeans


Jeans With Jewelry Outfits To Try On This Season

Skinny jeans are old news. This autumn the retail buzz is a new breed of denim: make-you-skinny jeans. Innovations in fabric technology seldom make waves beyond the geekier fringes of the fashion industry. But the development of a new super-stretch denim, which uses spring-like construction concealed within the cotton yarn, could interest a wider demographic.

The material combines the perennial cool factor of blue jeans with the technology behind Spanx. Denim companies believe there is serious money to be made on the make-you-skinny jean, and are battling over market share with a slew of new clothes.

Now You've Got The Best Jeans List For Fashionable Women

Jewelry Outfits With Jeans


The Fall Winter 2017/2018 jewelry collection by international designer features the finest Jewellery for Women and Contemporary design. Stuck in a jeans and t-shirt rut? Get inspired by our gallery of Jewelry looks worn by the most stylish stars and models.

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