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Refund and Returns Policy

Terms of Return of Goods


  1. Damaged Products received by the customer from our company may be replaced within 1 to 2 days upon the customer receiving the product. The customer must notify the company within 1 to 2 days from the date the customer receives the product where the product received must be in the condition of receiving. It is also necessary that the customer returns the product in its complete box and equipment for replacement.

  2. In the case there is a problem with the product and the customer would not like to change the product but would like a refund instead, our company will process the refund of the purchased price of the product within 15 working days after the officer has checked the condition of the product from the company. The problem with the product by the customer will be assessed, addressed, and communicated with the customer during this time and a refund will be provided if there is a defect on the product causing the original problem.

  3. The company reserves the right not to accept exchanges or returns due to customer dissatisfaction or caused by customer error or products that are not damaged or damaged in any way.

  4. In case there is no product of the same model for replacement, the customer may choose to exchange their received and purchased product for another product of the same or lower value. But if the customer chooses to change they’re received and purchased product to another product of a higher value, the customer will need to pay the difference in price. The company will inform the customer of this before changing the product.

  5. In the event that the company has delivered the wrong color, the wrong model or the received product does not match the order list, the items must be returned in perfect condition back to the company in its complete box and equipment. When the company receives the products back and after review and confirmation from a company officer, the customer is able to receive either the refund of purchased goods and/or replace the product to that of the customer’s original choice.

  6. Products received back from the customer during the return process seen by our company officer with abnormal conditions that should not occur spontaneously or caused by improper storage including scratches, tearing (torn parts), dents or broken, etc. shall be deemed to be rejected and termination of the warranty.


Refund Conditions

Form of Payment

Refund Method

Refund Period

Bank Payment

Money Transfer

Within 15 Working Days

Credit Card Payment

Credit Card Refund

Within 15-30 Working Days

Payment via QR Code

Transfer Money Back to Your Account

Within 15 Working Days


  1. In the case of payment for Products by Credit Card, full payment, or in installations, the company will refund to the credit card account that the customer had used to make the purchase within 15-30 business working days (excluding weekends, holidays, and public holidays).

Note: Cancellations made within the day before 8:00 pm will receive a refund immediately.

  1. In the case of Payment for Products via Bank, the refund will be credited to the account that the customer used to make the purchase and refunded within 15 business working days.

Note: The Account Name to be refunded must match the name of the account from which the payment was made.

  1. In the case of Refund of Defective Products or Order of Products with the Wrong Model (in good condition), our company will refund to the account that the customer had used to purchase the product within 15 business working days after the product has been inspected by the company officer.

  2. In the case the customer refuses to receive the product from the shipping company, the company will refund the purchased amount to the customer’s account that the customer made the product purchase within 15 business working days after the product has been inspected by the company officer.